Section 7


  1. Our Objective

In our work with older people, who may be at risk due to their age, illness or disability, the Puddenecks will endeavour at all times to protect our guests from harm or maltreatment. In order to achieve this objective we will, through the procedure set out in Annex A, seek to ensure that all concerns are dealt with in a timely fashion and, when indicated, are referred to the appropriate national or local agencies.


  1. Responsibilities

 Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and for our policy to be effective we expect all our members and volunteers to play their part in keeping people safe. The Executive Committee (the Trustees of the Charity), will appoint a designated Safeguarding lead from their number who will be available to all members, volunteers and guests when they have any concerns.

Where there is a risk of harm to our guests or volunteers, the Safeguarding lead will:

  • Log all conversations regarding an issue of concern
  • Gather reports and statements about an issue
  • Maintain a log of any concerns raised
  • Report to the Executive Committee on any findings

Where necessary the Safeguarding lead will share concerns with, seek advice from, and make referrals to agencies with statutory responsibilities in the area of safeguarding such as the Police and Social Services.


  1. Confidentiality

 All reports will be kept securely and confidentially in line with our Data Protection Policy unless it is necessary to share such information with the relevant authorities.

  1. Oversight of the Policy

The Safeguarding lead will be responsible for reviewing the policy on an annual basis to ensure it remains up to date and in line with current legislation. The Executive Committee will review all issues raised under the Safeguarding Policy and act on any recommendations arising from such a review.


Bryan Harrison

Safeguarding Lead

 Last reviewed February 2024


















Annex A     


Safeguarding Procedure


  1. If any of our members, volunteers or guests have safeguarding concerns, and it is an emergency, then they should contact the Police and inform the designated Safeguarding lead, Bryan Harrison, on 07939 246857 or
  1. If there is a concern about the wellbeing of a guest (eg not being able to contact someone who has agreed to attend an event), inform Bernard Woolf, who holds the emergency contact details for all guests, and can check whether all is well. If concerns remain then contact the Safeguarding lead.
  1. If it is a matter of concern without an immediate risk then discuss the matter with the Safeguarding lead. In such instances it is likely that a referral will be made to the Barnet Council Safeguarding Team on 02083595000 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm) or 02085392000 out of hours.
  1. In all instances a written record of the concern will be made and reported to the Executive Committee.

 January 2023