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Welcome to The Puddenecks, a registered charity that provides socialisation and help to older people. The purpose of this document is to provide you with some information and guidelines for what you can expect as a volunteer driver.

What are the duties of a Volunteer Driver?

A Volunteer Driver is a car owner who is prepared to collect and return guests to a Puddenecks function held normally in the High Barnet area. There are some 12 events a year and Volunteers are not expected to be available for all events.

You will use your own car, or a borrowed car with the express permission of the owner. It is entirely your responsibility to ensure that you have current motor insurance and that your vehicle is fit for use.  As a volunteer, no costs of motoring are reimbursed.

Bernard Woolf or Victor Valoti, Event Co-ordinators, will provide you in advance of the pick-up time with the names and addresses of the guests and whether any mobility aids need to be carried. When calling to collect a guest, please ensure that you knock on the door and escort the guest to your car, offering an arm for support if necessary. At the venue, also provide help for those in need of additional stability.  If you are not required, or cannot afford the time, to stay and help host guests at the venue you will be given a time to return to collect your guests to take home. Please ensure that you offer to accompany the guests to their door and allow them to gain access and put the lights on before leaving.

At point of collection or at the venue please exercise care in terms of traffic, hazards in the roads or on walkways or when adverse weather makes walking more difficult than usual.

What if I encounter a problem collecting guests or one of my guests becomes ill?

If there are any concerns ring Vic Valoti on 07796441281 who will advise, or in the case of vehicle breakdown or accident will arrange a relief vehicle. St John’s Ambulance Brigade personnel are present at all Puddenecks events but if the matter is more serious drive direct to Barnet General Hospital.

Think you might like to join or have a question? Ring Bernard Woolf on 07973 133926.


I can carry 1/3/4/5/6/7 people in my car. I have a current driving licence, understand it is entirely my responsibility to insure my car and keep it in a roadworthy condition, that I will exercise care in escorting and transporting guests and that I understand I will not be paid.

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Last Reviewed and amended February 2024