Section 4  


The law changed on the 25th May 2018 on how the data we hold for you is used. Please be assured that in the future, as in the past, the Puddenecks Club (the Club) will never share your personal information with third parties.

The committee needs the written consent to continue contacting a member/helper about a Puddenecks events using e-mail or letter as well as holding information about a member/helper on our Database which the member completed on signing the membership application form or the helper gave us on volunteering.  The Club will not share information about the member/helper with a third party unless it has been given instructions to do so. Also, a member/helper can change their mind in the future and withdraw their consent for the Club holding information at any time by emailing or writing to the Secretary. The consent the club requires has to be positive so if the member/helper does not give their written consent, the club will not be able to include them in e-mails/letters giving details of the meetings organised. Nor will the Club be able to directly communicate arrangements for the AGM including the financial accounts and the agenda.

Some former members receive notification by email of events even though they no longer participate, and they will also need to give consent for this to continue.

If members/helpers are happy to continue receiving e-mails/letters, please complete the consent below by inserting your name and return to the Secretary.

I,  _________________________________________    (PRINT name) give permission for The Puddenecks to contact me by email/letter and to hold information about me on their data base.

Signed                                                                                     Date

Shown below are the details collected on ‘Guests’. This information is held electronically with the express purpose of being able to contact ‘Guests’, provide the right type of transport and food. The Charity does not charge ‘Guests’ for services, sell anything, and does not hold any financial information. Also, we need the following information so that in the event of an emergency we know who to contact and also what might be required by the emergency services should they be called.

Please complete in block capitals                          

I understand that the following information relating to my address and contact details will be held electronically for the purpose of inviting me on social functions. This information will not be shared with other organisations.

I understand that my photograph may be taken at events and may appear on websites, newsletters, or other publications.

Name.                                                                                             Telephone no



In case of emergency contact name and tel no:

Dietary Requirement: I have the following dietary requirements; –

Mobility aids: I need to travel with the following aids: –

Please read the following questions carefully and thoroughly. Answer each question honestly to the best of your knowledge by entering either yes or no.

YES                                 NO

Do you have any health conditions of which we should be aware?

Is your doctor currently prescribing drugs for blood pressure or a heart condition?

Do you have any food allergies of which we should be aware?

Signed                                                                                                                          Dated:

 Print Name

Roger Moore – Secretary

Last reviewed February 2024