What We Do

Activities and help for the Elderly over the years has varied; looking through the record books for early years shows grants to elderly people of £1 for coal, purchasing gas and electricity stamps and helping out with cash payments to meet stair handrails, wheelchairs and innocent victims of crime. While financial assistance is still part of the Club’s activities in recent years more emphasis has been given to help loneliness by bringing people out of their homes to venues and provide them with entertainment and enjoyment.

The club currently runs Bingo and Fish & Chip evenings, trips to the cinema, day’s outings and Christmas parties, the latter with professional entertainment provided. The Club also visits ‘homes for the Elderly’ in the area putting on entertainment and it also runs a ‘music to movement’ afternoon at St Stephens Hall Barnet. Our ‘guests’ come from the ‘homes for the Elderly’ or residents who are in need and we try and work closely with Social Services and other local charitable organisations to find elderly and needy residents.

Money raising features high on the Club activities and events run have included sponsored cycle and horse rides, donations from Public Houses, grants for Companies. More recently the Club organises a very successful Charity golf day, a Christmas bucket collection at the Spires shopping centre and a Christmas raffle. Donations from any source are always very welcome. As a Charity all the monies raised by the club are only used for the benefit of the elderly and reimbursing members for any expenses they incur when they carry out these duties. The Club levies a membership charge on all members payable annually and all members are expected to attend and pay for their monthly supper meeting. In addition members are required to help at both fund raising and the Welfare events we run.
The Club is run by a committee, elected annually comprising President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Welfare Officer and up to three other members.

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